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eGESS boasts of highly talented, skilled, and experienced professionals in the fields of localizing software and technical documents into Korean and other languages, engineering software, producing software help, and editing multimedia and documents.

All of us at eGESS are experts in localizing software into Korean and several other languages and who can provide consulting services for localizing software. We will recommend to you the best solutions.

eGESS has three teams:


Project Management Team

The team actively interacts with customers, communicates with internal and external project personnel, and manages general quality processes to ensure high-quality services.


Translation and Review Team

Highly skilled professional linguists with more than five years’ experience provide sophisticated, creative translation services.

eGESS has linguists in various translation fields including technical, medical, legal, financial translation, etc.


Business Administration Team

It supports general localization and globalization services as well as continuously secures excellent personnel to manage and support a pool of freelance translators.


Our Translation Team at eGESS is composed of professionals and experts in each field. As a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals in their respective fields of specialization, the Translation Team carries out works depending on individual customers’ specified fields and pursues quality and customer satisfaction through smooth communication with customers.

eGESS provides not only services of translating various leaflets, PR kits, manuals, and technical and other documents but also DTP and layout services in the form of files and layouts requested by customers. The services are offered courtesy of DTP specialists in software such as MS Word, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe XD, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, and Quark Xpress.

We at eGESS provide services of transcribing, translating, and subtitling videos in multiple languages including Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. When you provide video files — such as recorded conference videos and online training videos — in a variety of formats, we can produce the subtitles for them in the desired form fast. For conference and training videos produced in the contactless era, we offer high-quality translation and subtitling services at affordable rates.

We at eGESS translate content and documents in a variety of fields including IT, automobile, marketing, medical fields, etc. Our customers include MS, Oracle, Apple, Volvo, Porsche, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Baxter, Masimo, Welch Allyn, etc. We translate more than 500,000 words per month and over 6 million words per year for more than 50 customers.

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Since its foundation in 2006, eGESS has implemented projects for customers in a variety of fields based on its high-quality translation services. Our main customers are listed below.


Cherishing and valuing talented people and customers. eGESS has the following core management values:

Talent Management – We keep in mind that the most important resource is talented people and recognize that talent management is key to corporate development.

Happiness Management – Only happy employees can make happy customers.  Happy customers make us grow prosperous.

  • 2006

    🔹 eGESS starts the localization service with experienced CEO YoungSoon Lee.

  • 2014

    🔹APPLE sales training materials translation.

    🔹PORSCHE business development translation.

    🔹MICROSOFT STB Infograph translation.

  • 2016

    🔹MASIMO product information and manual translation

    🔹AMAZON AWS translation

    🔹SOLIDWORKS videos translation

    🔹CHRYSLER product fundamentals translation

  • 2018

    🔹ROCKWELL AUTOMATIONS materials translation

    🔹UNITED AIRLINES marketing materials translation

    🔹HYATT various materials translation

  • 2019

    🔹GENESYS marketing materials translation

    🔹STARBUCKS various materials globalization

    🔹HILTON various materials translation

  • 2020

    🔹ADOBE marketing materials and videos localization

    🔹LEGO various materials translation

    🔹MICROSORT learning exams translation


At eGESS, our doors are always open. For any questions about localization, please contact us anytime, and we will reply sincerely and as soon as possible.

For any questions about eGESS, please contact us anytime, and we will reply sincerely.

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